Company Policies        

Our policies and procedures define how we operate as a moral and ethical company. We recognize that our actions and behavior affect many partners and affiliated companies, and therefore believe in ensuring openness and transparency within our operations and relationships.
To this end, we have developed policies and procedures setting out what can be expected from us, and in return, what we expect from others.
ISD is committed to high standards of integrity, honesty and accountability. We value ethical behavior and act consistently with our beliefs and values outlined in the Global Code of Ethics. 





Global Code of Ethics Statement from the Managing Director

ISD ’S values start with ‘integrity and trust’. They also include ‘continuous improvement’ and ‘being open and transparent’. In achieving our commercial goals, we must be true to our values, vision and core belief.
This Code expresses ISD´ S commitment to business integrity. It applies to all companies and individuals within our group, and we expect all our partners to abide by the same standards when working with us.